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Day 1 : Landing at Denpasar Airport

We arrived in Bali on an Air Asia flight from Malaysia, and the moment our feet touched the ground, a surge of excitement washed over us. It was around 7 pm in the evening, and the air was filled with anticipation. Stepping off the plane, we were greeted by a warm tropical breeze, carrying with it the subtle scents of the island. As we made our way through the airport, we couldn't help but feel a sense of wonderment. The bustling atmosphere, the friendly smiles of the airport staff, and the colorful Balinese decorations instantly immersed us in the vibrant spirit of the island. We knew right then and there that this was the beginning of an incredible adventure.


Arriving in Bali, the dream destination, has filled me with immense joy and happiness. The feeling of finally setting foot on this enchanting island is indescribable. I am overwhelmed with a sense of euphoria as I take in the breathtaking sights that surround me. The natural beauty of Bali has exceeded all my expectations. The pristine beaches with their crystal-clear waters, the lush green rice terraces, and the vibrant tropical landscapes have instantly captured my heart. Every moment I spend here fills me with a profound sense of gratitude and bliss. The warm and welcoming spirit of the Balinese people adds to my happiness. Their genuine smiles, hospitality, and kindness make me feel at home, as if I truly belong in this paradise. The vibrant culture and rich traditions of Bali have further deepened my fascination and excitement.

Discover the Hotel : kawi resort by pramana

Nestled in the heart of Bali, we had the pleasure of discovering the exquisite Kawi Resort by Pramana. As we approached the resort, we were immediately captivated by its elegant Balinese architecture and lush tropical surroundings. The resort seemed to blend seamlessly with nature, creating a tranquil oasis for us to unwind and rejuvenate. Upon entering the resort, we were warmly welcomed by the friendly staff, who greeted us with genuine smiles and a refreshing welcome drink. The attention to detail was evident in every aspect of the resort, from the beautifully landscaped gardens to the meticulously designed interiors. Our room at Kawi Resort was nothing short of luxurious. The traditional Balinese decor combined with modern amenities provided us with a comfortable and inviting space to retreat to after a day of exploring. The plush bedding, the private terrace overlooking the resort's serene pool, and the spacious bathroom adorned with Balinese stone carvings added a touch of opulence to our stay.


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