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It doesn't matter what kind of trip you're planning, whether it's a round-the-world trip or a two-week trip to a luxury hotel or a hike or an island vacation or even a family trip! These guides by destination will give you all the information you may need for your trip so that you can travel better, longer and cheaper.

Here are the websites you will find on this page are the ones I systematically use when I plan a trip. They offer the best deals available on the market, and I am convinced that they will also help you in preparing a trip!

Plane Ticket

I love this search engine. I have been using it almost exclusively for several months, and so far, I haven't found a better comparison tool. When you see the search results, you will notice a calendar displaying flight prices day by day.

I used to use this comparison tool all the time before discovering Momondo. I must say it is excellent, with results displayed in the form of graphs or calendars, and the ability to choose highly flexible dates and destinations.

I personally don't use this site much, but I have heard that it is the best for finding cheap flights from the United States. So, if you are an expatriate there or if you are looking for an affordable flight from the United States to Asia, Europe, or elsewhere, it is a must-visit platform.


In recent years, Airbnb has become essential for travelers seeking independence. Anywhere and anytime, you can quickly connect with a host willing to rent you accommodation. It's the ultimate way to discover the lesser-touristed regions of a destination!

Enter your destination in the search bar and view the map to find the best-located hotel possible. However, please note that the use of is primarily reserved for "developed" countries. You may not find as many interesting options elsewhere.

Here's a website I recommend to anyone traveling to Asia. Even before Airbnb or Booking, check out Agoda and easily find your next hotel or guesthouse at the best price.

If you're accustomed to staying in hostels, you're probably already familiar with Hostelworld. It's, in my opinion, the best platform for finding current promotions and the cheapest hostels in a destination.

This website connects people looking for a place to stay with locals who have a spare couch or room available. Having personally experienced couchsurfing, I can assure you that it is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in a destination.


In this blog i share with you my experience and all you need to facilitate your travel

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