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Day 1 : Flying With Emirates Airlines

In the morning we prepared ourselves and headed towards the airport. We were very happy and eager to discover Malaysia .

The trip will be divided into 2 flights : The first one is from Tunis to Dubai ,and the second is from Dubai to Malaysia .

Emirates Airlines Services

Flying with Emirates Airlines has always been a pleasure. After my graduation as an engineer, I decided to live an adventure and discover a new place in the world. I was introduced to it when I booked my first solo travel to Malaysia. I had heard a lot about their world-class services and in-flight comfort that they have been consistently providing to their passengers.

Since then, Emirates Airlines has been my first choice. As an extremely satisfied passenger of Emirates Airlines, I would like to share with you all the reasons that would make you prefer flying with Emirates.

The in-flight food

The in-flight food is not always fresh, filling and delicious on flights as we all know. But if you are flying with Emirates Airlines, you will be served with a completely different culinary service that is prepared by international chefs. The meals are prepared according to the destination you are traveling to and you are also provided a menu to check on all the options. In addition, you can also opt from a variety of meals online before your flight. The food is served hot, is very hygienically packed and the taste would never disappoint you.

Other In-Flight Services

All the passengers receive a waterproof kit consisting of in-flight essentials such as :

  • tooth brush
  • tooth paste
  • fold-able comb
  • eye mask
  • ear plugs and long socks

    They also provide a hot towel before serving meals to your seat. These little things count too and make the journey even more satisfying.

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